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The Cooking Group

From Planning to Eating

sa community foodiesCooking programs allow community members to further develop their cooking skills so that they can independently cook healthy and cheap meals. Foodies support a group of community members as they plan, shop, prepare, cook and eat a healthy meal together. Though this process, community members build confidence, knowledge and skills to eat healthy food, and can increase the consumption of healthy foods by the participating community members.


A Southern Fleurieu Foodie from Victor Harbour runs a cooking program with a group of men, where the group prepares a meal; including planning the meal and shopping for ingredients, then sit down to enjoy the meal together.


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“It’s not me preparing the food for the guys – it’s the guys doing it themselves- that’s why it’s called Cooking with Blokes not Cooking for Blokes”

Peter Forster- Community Foodie


“I believe that there’s a great need in our society for people to educate themselves about good food, good nutrients, to keep good health, particularly in older age”

Peter Forster – Community Foodie