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Shared Meals

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Shared meal programs provide a healthy meal to a group of people from the local community, and are aimed at bringing people together for a variety of reasons.


These activities provide an environment for community members to build their skills and knowledge around preparing and cooking healthy meals, as well as to help build social connections within the community. Being socially connected to the community can lead to a longer and healthier life, and also prevent the harmful effects of stress on health.

Southern Fleurieu Community Foodies in Victor Harbour use shared meals to show the local Aboriginal community that they can combine traditional bush tucker foods with western foods to create healthy and easy meals, while bringing together members of the Aboriginal community to celebrate their heritage, and develop their social relationships with each other.


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“It helps the community all to share together the experience & so they know they have that support & they have that common understanding of how to go about cooking & preparing meals & making sure they do look after each other & themselves”

Seigna Ditton - Community Foodie


“We’ve trained Aboriginal Foodies to assist us to send the message out because it’s much better for people in the community to promote the message to the community”

Melanie Reid - Senior Dietitian