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Procedure for requesting a foodie activity or program

It is important for record-keeping by the Community Foodie team to follow a basic procedure when requesting a Foodie activity or program. In this way, we can discuss and clarify the request, gather information about the number and types of requests received, the proposed venue, the audience, equipment and/or food requirements, accessibility and costs involved. This enables the Coordinators to check Foodies’ availability and match them with activities which reflect their skills and preferences.

Therefore it is beneficial for the Community Foodies program that all requests for a program or activity be forwarded to the appropriate Coordinators who will then discuss with foodies in that region. Please see our contact page to find details for your local Foodie Coordinator.
Below is an outline of steps and considerations when requesting a Foodie.

Is the activity aimed towards the programs primary target group? Including, but not limited to:
• People living on low incomes
• Aboriginal people
• Culturally and Linguistically Diverse people
• New Migrants or Refugees
• Disabled people or people experiencing Mental Health Problems
• Homeless people
• Older, newly widowed or divorced males

Is the activity in the scope of the program? This can include:
• Presentations on healthy food choices on a small budget or cooking demonstrations in a variety of settings and audiences, for example in community centres with young families, elderly people, CALD groups and refugee families
• Budget-friendly healthy menu planning, shopping tours and label reading
• Fruit and vegetable based learning activities
• Assisting with community gardens
• Contributing to community events where Foodie input is reaching the above target groups

Out of scope activities include:
 Catering for events
 Presenting sessions which involve discussing complex nutrition issues or questions, such as diabetes management, infant nutrition (allergies, when to introduce solids), food allergies or intolerances
 Working directly with children with no parent/ caregivers present
 Working in a setting which may pose a risk to the Foodie’s safety and wellbeing

Possible costs associated with the program or activity and how they can be covered
While Foodies offer their service to the community free of charge, we ask that the requesting organisation covers costs incurred for food ingredients, travel, venue hire, resources.  We recommend that the requesting organisation purchases the goods in the first instance. If a Foodie has to undertake this, reimbursement should be arranged to avoid Foodies having out-of-pocket expenses.

Foodie activity/program request form
Click on the link to access the Request Form. Please complete this form and send it to the relevant Foodies Coordinator.

Optional planning template
Click here to access the planning template to help you and your Foodie plan nutritional activities and programs.