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Garden to Table

Getting in Touch with the Food Cycle


sa community foodiesGarden to table activities allows Foodies to work with communities to plan, prepare, grow and harvest their own food, often in community gardens (including gardens in schools, community centres and health centres). The produce grown is then prepared, cooked and eaten as part of a healthy, balanced meal shared by all of those who are involved, such as what Adelaide Hills Foodies are doing with their local community in Mt Barker. Garden to table activities engages the community, strengthens social relationships within the community, and builds the capacity of the community as well as improving the skills and knowledge of the community, and increasing their willingness to try new foods, and increase their consumption of fruits and vegetables .


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 “The whole experience is fantastic – just getting out into the open air & to give our lesson on the importance of food preparation, improved nutrition”

Helen Bald  - Community Foodie