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7 Ways Project: Foodies in Action

Showcasing Community Foodies

The ‘7 Ways Project’ was a project between SA Community Foodies and two Screen and Media students from Flinders University, Michael Williamson and Glenn Dunn, aimed to produce a series of mini-documentaries that highlight the diversity of the Community Foodies program. Each mini-documentary represents one of the seven activity areas the program is implemented through, as well as the diversity across the SA Community Foodie sites.

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Community Foodies Community Foodies Community Foodies Community Foodies

Community Foodies Community Foodies Community Foodies

 Please note:  Foodies no longer work directly with children or in canteens but will continue to engage with parents and caregivers to help improve healthy eating in children

The Making of ‘7 Ways Project’
Reflection by Glenn Dunn, Screen and Media Student, Flinders University

When I decided I wanted to get into film making there were two major motivating factors. One was that I wanted to travel with my camera and the other was that I wanted to make a positive impact on the world. Little did I know that in one of my first assignments I would find a project that satisfied these two desires. The ‘7 Ways’ videos that Mike Williamson and I produced were a fantastic experience and I’m very proud to present them to you here and now.

Our filming started in Elizabeth where the Foodies teach primary school students how to prepare healthy meals. On the menu that particular day was vegetable skewers. The kids did such a great job that even a self confessed “meat-etarian” like me had to have a taste! After they finished cooking the little chefs handed out samples and you could really see them enjoying sharing these treats with their friends.

The Booleroo and Gladstone videos were filmed on an epic day trip to the states rural north east. Our twelve hour day started at 6am and included eight hours driving and four hours filming. Booleroo left a particular mark on me due to its location. To get there we had to drive through a gorge with ominous storm clouds hovering over the hills. After making it through unscathed we found this rural hideaway. On our way there Mike and I couldn’t help stop the car and take in the beautiful scenery. The normally baron land was now a lush green thanks to the rain that had been hammering the area over the previous days. It was complete silence, complete isolation; in the middle of nowhere and it was beautiful. Sometimes now when I get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life I think back to that moment and how it affected me, it reminds me to slow down and appreciate what is around me. Despite the extreme fatigue we felt when we returned home the filming was a great success and the trip was certainly a memorable one.

Our filming Odyssey also took us to Victor Harbour for an elderly men’s cooking class. It was quite an experience spending the day with these gents as they regaled us with fascinating stories and old jokes, some that were a little too bawdy for these videos! While on the south coast we stopped by a Foodie group for Indigenous Australians and I had my first taste of Wallaby tail. We had a marvelous day talking with them about food, Foodies and footy!

In making these videos we met some memorable characters and trekked all over South Australia. Perhaps the thing I will remember most is how welcome everyone, everywhere we went made us feel. For that I thank everyone involved and hope they enjoy these videos as much as we enjoyed putting them together.