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About SA Community Foodies

What is SA Community Foodies?

SA Community Foodies is a state-wide program that aims to promote and support healthy eating in the community by building the capacity of communities to make healthy food choices. This is done by building the capacity of community members to promote and support healthy eating in their own community through training that develops their skills and knowledge in group work, leadership, and key nutrition messages. Known as Foodies, these trained volunteers are supported by program coordinators to work with people and organisations in the community to promote and support healthy eating.


What do Foodies do?

Foodies support groups in the community to make healthy food choices through healthy eating activities and programs that they run with them such as hands-on cooking classes, supermarket tours, menu planning, cooking demonstrations, label reading, and edible gardens. Foodies may do this  in community centres and neighbourhood centres, supermarkets, workplaces and pre-schools and schools (if engaging with parents/caregivers) -  almost anywhere they can promote and support healthy eating in their local communities! To find out more about what Foodies do, watch the 7 Ways Project Videos, read the latest Community Foodies newsletter


Brief history of Community Foodies program

The Community Foodies program began in 2001 at Noarlunga in the south of Adelaide when local members of the community wanted to learn more about healthy eating and nutrition and then share that knowledge with their community. In 2003 the Community Foodies program was funded by SA Health as a three year pilot project with a state-wide reach.  The program grew over the next ten years with many foodies, program workers and local partner agencies being involved. Foodie work is done in colloaboration with many local partner agencies to implement engaging and accessible community-based programs and activities across rural and metropolitan South Australia. Each site had its own identified priorities and its own strategies for addressing them, but they all align under the banner of the Community Foodies program.


The SA Community Foodies program today

From June 2014, the SA Community Foodies program has continued to be funded by SA Health but is now managed by UCWB in partnership with UCWCSA and

Foodies are active across a number of sites around the state.  Recruiting and training of new foodies occurs across the state.  The SA Community Foodies is managed by a Statewide Leader  with Foodie Coordinator positions in metro and country locations to support and train foodie volunteers.

Want to Know More? For further information about the SA Community Foodies Program, please contact us