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Health & Wellbeing Links

SA Community Foodies recognises there are many great programs and websites that support and encourage healthy eating and living and provide valuable resources and information.


Website Links:


SA Health

Healthy living is the key to a healthy, happier longer life.  Lots of tips for better health, wellbeing and healthy lifestyles.

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Eat for Health

Tips for eating well, healthy eating throughout all of life, recipes, food safety

The Heart Foundation

Lots of information around heart health, heart disease and healthy eating including recipes and the Heart Foundation Tick

 Cancer Council of South Australia

Provides information around nutrition’s role in preventing cancer, and tips for healthy eating

 Diabetes SA

Offer support, education and advice for people living with diabetes, as well as for the prevention of type-two diabetes.

 Nutrition Australia

Plenty of fact sheets and recipes about nutrition and healthy eating.

 Dietitians Association of Australia

Contact details for Dietitians across Australia, including SA, and nutrition tips, quizzes and virtual tours to test your label reading knowledge

 Better Health Channel

Health and nutrition advice and information on every topic imaginable.

 Raising Children

Tips and information on every aspect of being a parent and raising children- including nutrition for different age groups

 Food Cents Program

Information on making the most out of your dollar when planning meals and buying nutritious foods.

 Australian Breastfeeding Foundation

Provides plenty of fact sheets, links to breastfeeding classes, helplines and a forum for all types of queries about breastfeeding.

  Healthy Weight Guide

An initiative to help Australians reduce their waist measurements and improve their overall health and wellbeing.

Get Healthy

Information and free telephone coaching service.  Personal health coach, free personal coaching journal, access to tools to keep you on track

Go for 2&5

Recipes plus all of the Go for 2&5 resources

Grains and Legumes Nutrition Council

Recipes and information around increasing the amount of wholegrains and legumes in your diet

 Stephanie Alexander’s Kitchen Garden Foundation

The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation aims to allow kids to experience and learn about growing and cooking food from a young age through school

 Australian City Farms and Community Gardens Network

Provides an extensive and updated list of all Community Gardens in South Australia as well as other states, plus open times and contact details

Parents Voice

An online network of parents who are interested in improving the food and activity environments of Australian children

 Fresh for Kids

A fun and exciting website for kids to learn about healthy eating and food.

 Kitchen Gardens SA (Botanic Gardens Adelaide initiative)

A great new website that supports the development of kitchen gardens in homes, schools and communities in Adelaide