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Foodies Recipes

Budget Friendly Recipes

OPAL has been working over several years in partnership with Foodbank and Uniting Care Wesley Bowden (Community Foodies) to increase healthy choices at the Bowden Foodbank outlet. The project team has explored a range of strategies to make healthier choices more accessible through policy, training, promotion, and resources.

The project started with the training of Foodbank volunteers by OPAL and Council’s environmental health staff. The training included food safety and basic nutrition, adapted from core topics covered in the training of Community Foodies.

The pricing system at Foodbank encourages the use of whatever fresh vegetables and fruit are available. Over the course of this project the layout of the Foodbank outlet has been updated to maximise visibility and appeal of healthier choices.

The recipes were developed by a group of volunteers from Foodbank and Community Foodies who worked alongside OPAL. The recipes were designed to require only minimal cooking equipment- many can be produced using basic kitchenette facilities. They feature ingredients regularly available at Foodbank, therefore do not include a wide variety of herbs , spices or fresh produce, however they are easily adapted to use up whatever you have on hand from your garden, fridge or pantry

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Baked Potato

Bread and Butter Pudding


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Fruit Dessert

Lentil Bolognaise

Ki Cee Min

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Poached egg

Savoury Mince

Tuna Bake

Tuna Salad


Foodies are experts in cooking yummy, healthy, affordable and easy meals and snacks! Below are some of our favourite recipes from our Foodies.



Corn Fritters

Recipe Submitted by Mid North Foodies

Makes 12 Fritters



 1 x 425grams can of creamed corn

1 small can of corn kernels

¼ cup of diced onion

2 teaspoons or 2 stock cubes or vegetable stock powder

¼ of a teaspoon of dried basil

2 teaspoons of dried parsley

1 egg

½ cup of wholemeal self raising flour

Cooking oil spray



  1. In a large mixing bowl combine creamed corn, corn kernels, onion, stock powder, basil and parsley

  2. In a small mixing bowl beat egg for 30 seconds and add to corn mixture, fold in flour until combined

  3. In a non stick fry pan (at moderate to hot temperature coated with cooking spray)  place large spoonfuls of mixture, spread each fritter into a round shape

  4. Cook for 5 minutes or until golden brown, then turn, press down with a spatula and cook the other side until golden brown



Spicy Moroccan Soup

Recipe submitted by Onkaparinga Foodies

Serves 6



¼ cup (60 mls) olive oil

3 cloves garlic, finely chopped

1 cinnamon stick

1½ teaspoon cumin seeds

1.5kg pumpkin, peeled, cut into 3 cm pieces

Juice of 1 lemon

1 teaspoon salt

1 leek, white part only, thinly sliced

1 red chili, finely chopped

3 cm piece of ginger, peeled, thinly sliced

2 carrots, coarsely chopped

1/3 cup (70g) yellow split peas

Coriander sprigs to decorate




  1. Heat oil in a large saucepan over a low-medium heat and cook leek, garlic and 1 teaspoon salt, stirring occasionally for 3 minutes or until soft.

  2. Add chili, cinnamon, ginger and cumin and stir for 1 minute or until fragrant.

  3. Add carrots, pumpkin and split peas. Stir to coat in onion mixture. Add 1½ litres of water to saucepan and bring to boil, then simmer for 50 minutes or until split peas are soft.

  4. Remove and discard cinnamon stick from soup. Add lemon juice and then process or blend soup in small batches, in a food processor or blender until smooth.

  5. Return soup to pan and reheat over medium heat.

  6. Serve topped with coriander sprigs.


Slow Cooker Veggie and Lentil Soup

Recipe submitted by South East Foodies

Serves 4-6 people



1 can of butter beans (400grams)

1 can of diced tomatoes (400 grams)

1 can of chick peas (400 grams)

½ cup red lentils and ½ cup brown lentils (both washed in cold water in a strainer)

2 medium onions (diced)

2 large carrots (finely sliced)

2 medium potatoes (diced)

Table spoon of dry mixed herbs

2 cubes of vegetable stock (salt reduced)

Pepper to season

5-6 cups of water



  1. Combine all ingredients in a slow cooker and cook on medium for 5-6 hours, stirring a few times during this period

  2. More water may be added if soup is too thick, if soup has too much liquid it can be thickened with rice flour, just combine a teaspoon of rice flour with cold water and stir into the soup a couple hours before serving

  3.  Enjoy with some crusty bread



Chickpea and Herb Dip

Recipe submitted by Southern Fleurieu Foodies



400 grams cooked chick peas

1 teaspoon cumin

½ teaspoon paprika

Sea salt

Juice of 1 lemon                                                      

¼ cup olive oil                                                     

1 tablespoon plain low fat yoghurt

Chopped basil, parsley, mint – ¼ cup once chopped

1 extra tablespoon plain low fat yoghurt

Optional extra: ½ teaspoon dried chilli flakes



  1. Place the first six ingredients into a food processor and blend

  2.  Stir in the herbs and extra yoghurt

  3. Serve with toasted pita bread and vegetable crudités



Auntie Elsie's Kangaroo with Vegetables

Recipe submitted by Port Augusta Foodies



Kangaroo meat - can use meat (on or off bone) or tail

Range of vegetables - for example potato, onion, carrot, beans, whatever you have BUT must have pumpkin and it must be Jap pumpkin for its unique flavour.



  1. Steam Kangaroo in water for about 1 hour - cook in a camp oven or can be done in a normal oven (But Auntie Elsie says the camp oven is best!)

  2. Then sit veggies on top of Kangaroo and continue steaming for shorter time

  3. Then when cooked, you can add curry if you like, but Auntie Elsie thinks the pumpkin flavour alone is enough

  4. Very importantly, serve and enjoy with friends and family!



Cathy’s Guacamole

Recipe submitted by Port Adelaide/Parks Foodies



2 avocadoes

1-2 tablespoons natural low fat yoghurt

1-2 cloves garlic finely chopped

1-2 chillies finely chopped

1 lemon juiced

1 tomato diced

Half a cucumber diced

2 thin slices red onion diced

Tabasco sauce (to taste)

Black pepper

Coriander/basil/parsley chopped to garnish



  1. Mash 1 and a half avocados in bowl

  2. Add the yoghurt, half of the lemon juice, ¼ teaspoon each garlic and chilli and mix through well



Broccoli and Potato Soup

Recipe submitted by Port Adelaide/Parks Foodies



1 tablespoon olive oil

1 large brown onion (200grams)

2 medium potatoes (400 grams)

500g broccoli, trimmed

2 litres chicken stock



  1. Heat oil in large saucepan, chop onion and cook in oil until soft without browning

  2. Add chopped potato, chopped broccoli and stock, bring to boil

  3. Simmer approx 20 minutes until vegetables are soft

  4. Puree soup in a blender

  5. Return soup to pan and reheat gently before serving

  6. Serve with wholemeal bread. For a special treat, crumble approx 100g of mild blue cheese over the top before serving



Ricotta Stuffed Eggplant Rolls

Recipe submitted by Onkaparinga Foodies



2 eggplants sliced lengthwise about ½ - 1 cm thick

300 grams low fat ricotta

¼ cup grated parmesan cheese

¼ cup chopped spring onions or chives

1 egg

Pepper to taste

1 jar tomato pasta sauce

Extra cheese for sprinkling



  1. Lay slices of eggplant on paper towel and sprinkle with salt and leave to stand for 30 minutes, then rinse and pat dry

  2. Fry eggplant in some olive oil until browned and soft, and allow to cool

  3. Combine all the other ingredients except the pasta sauce and extra cheese and stir well

  4. Lay the slices of eggplant flat, spoon in a little filling (a teaspoon or so) and roll to secure

  5. Pour half the sauce into the bottom of a flat dish and put the rolls on top. Top with remaining sauce and sprinkle with extra cheese

  6. Bake at 180 C for about 30 minutes or until golden and set


Easy Feast Cookbook

Cookbook compiled by Enfield Foodies in collaboration with Community Food SA

Download a copy of the cookbook by clicking here.







Community Centres SA Community Partnership Cookbook

A collaboration of Community Centres, Community Foodies and the Health Service

Download a copy of the cookbook by clicking here.