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The Eat a Rainbow Program

Eat a Rainbow - FoodiesEat a Rainbow is a program that aims to increase young children’s fruit and vegetable intake. It includes a range of activities and the opportunity to talk about and taste test a variety of fruit and vegetables in a fun and supportive environment. 

Eat a Rainbow encourages children to ‘have a go’ and overcome resistance or ‘neo-phobia’ to new foods. Using the rainbow theme appeals to young children, and more adventurous young children in a group can act as positive role models.

Eating  a variety of colours of fruit and vegetables also provides health benefits for the whole family, as it provides a good range and mix of important plant nutrients or ‘phyto-chemicals’.

Eat a Rainbow is a simple concept that lends itself to many creative methods of implementation to suit different environments. It can be used in playgropus, kindergarten and childcare, junior primary school or other settings where groups of young children gather.

Please find below a variety of resources, activities, examples, ideas and links regarding the Eat a Rainbow program. We would welcome your Eat a Rainbow program ideas too, so if you have some Eat a Rainbow ideas you would like to share, please contact - Melanie Reid, Senior Dietitian at the Southern Fleurieu Health Service on (08) 8552 0600 or email:

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Foodies Eat a RainbowFoodies Eat a RainbowFoodies Eat a Rainbow


Foodies Eat a RainbowFoodies Eat a RainbowFoodies Eat a Rainbow